Serendipity vs. Fatalism

As a sort of fatalistic carelessness, some people tend to cling to the idea that things happen for some reason. Some inexplicable, unavoidable reason, that leads those people to become passive or simply, be swept along.

Is it maybe inevitable to surrender to what we call destiny?

That being the case, we would not enjoy the benefits of some accidental inventions such as velcro, teflon or the colourful post-it notes on a daily basis.

These inventions can be associated to the concept of serendipity, defined according to wikipedia, as a discovery or a lucky and unexpected finding that takes place when something different is being looked for.

It has always been for me one of those words with an attractive sonority, but knowing its meaning, it turns out to be more fascinating yet.

If it had not been for serendipity, we would have never get to know famous Dr House (whose geniuses were precisely often coming from chance occurrences), especially if we bear in mind that the discovery of America was also due to a fortunate fluke.

I can admit that sometimes the element of luck may influence, for better or worse. I can accept that everything is not always  in our hands and even for those things that depend on us, it is always necessary to rely on a certain margin of possible error. But, still it is possible to learn something out of a mistake.

Do not just let yourself go for the twists of fate. The same as some events  are unforseeable or  cannot be avoided, in order to reach some goals, one cannot remain sat down and expect that something happens.

This passiveness will turn into hopelessness when thinking that it is impossible to do anything for channelling negative events, not to mention how questionable this deterministic thought is, as someone believes that he/she is not the owner or responsible for his/her acts, including doing nothing.

It is possible to achieve a target, if we work for it, but certainly nothing will happen if one just sit down in the sofa, simply waiting. Although there is also the option of letting the others do everything for us, but this option goes beyond the idle argument and becomes manipulation.

By the way, does anybody agree that this photo might be considered serendipity, taking into account that I took it with an old analogue camera and I did not realise the effect of the shade until I got the photos revealed?

Love is in the air - Serendipity

Love is in the air – Serendipity

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