Me, myself and I

This title has reminded me about a book I read some years ago, containing seven disturbing science fiction stories written by authors such as Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke.

So here I am writing about a story, not as much disturbing but rather squeaky, at least for me. Maybe only for me.

Yesterday as I arrived at class, where I am following a training on Community Management, I found my chair was not free. Somebody has sat there just because it was more comfortable for her.
I took a quick look around the class and I saw that everybody else was sitting in the same place as the day before. Why shouldn’t I then have the right to sit in the same place as the day before?

Puzzled as I was, I asked the invader whether she intended to sit there. Of course, she did. Her, herself and she had unilaterally decided that it was far more comfortable and advantageous for her, herself and she to sit as close to the projector screen as possible because she is short-sighted. Oh, my! indeed, she must be short-sighted, even in the figurative way.

Her, herself and she did not care about the fact that I am also short-sighted because she only cared about her own interest and self.

You know what? She even got annoyed when I politely explained that I would prefer to sit in my place. Finally, her, herself and she decided again to invade somebody else’s place.

Nevertheless, I was worried whether she had been able to properly follow the teacher’s explanations a meter farther from the projector. Despite her impoliteness and selfishness, I still pitied her. Am I a dying breed?

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